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Preventive Dentistry
That great feeling of clean teeth is so much more…

More than just a cleaning, your preventive care visit with the dental hygienist and dentist is also important to protect your oral health.

We recommend that our patients visit our dental office every 3-6 months for examinations, cleanings and periodontal (gum health) maintenance. During these visits, your dentist will also review necessary digital x-rays to look for any areas of concern.

Addressing problems early can save you time and money, and help you enjoy a worry-free smile.

If your dentist finds any evidence of tooth decay or damage to your teeth or gums, we will provide you with restorative treatment recommendations and help you consider all available options. Your dental team will also perform an oral cancer screening as part of your exam to monitor for tissue changes in the gums, tongue, cheek or lips that might be linked to this life-threatening condition.

Routine visits to see your Macon Dental Care Center Dentist also give us the opportunity to keep you informed of any changes you can make in your home care routine or diet to help prevent problems such as tooth decay and periodontal (gum) disease.

Preventive Services offered at Dental Care Center of Macon include:

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