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dental crowns on front teeth

Dental Crowns
At Dental Care Center of Macon, we want to help you keep your smile healthy for a lifetime.

When tooth enamel is weakened by tooth decay or trauma, our dentists may recommend protecting the tooth with a dental crown. A crown covers the chewing surfaces and sides of the tooth with a highly durable metal or ceramic material.

Dental crowns are designed to look like natural teeth and blend beautifully with your smile. They may be used to restore damaged teeth, or, to create a cosmetic smile makeover and conceal old fillings, cracks or deep staining in front teeth. Read more about Cosmetic Dentistry

Cerec® 1-Visit Crowns

Our practice is proud to utilize Cerec® 3D dentistry for fabrication of dental crowns, bridges and surface restorations such as inlays and onlays. Cerec® technology gives our dentist and dental laboratory technicians the ability to design, mill and place your restoration in a single visit. Read more about Cerec® 1-Visit Crowns

On-site Dental Laboratory Services

Our Dental Care Center dental laboratory is located within our Macon dental practice. Our technicians work closely with our dentists to design and fabricate custom crowns, bridges and dentures for patients under our care. In addition to Cerec® crowns, our lab techs and dentists can assist patients with other types of crowns that may be necessary to work within any space or bite limitations.

Dental Crowns & Fillings

Dental crowns provide stronger protection for teeth than a regular dental filling. While dental fillings are recommended for small areas of decay or minor enamel defects, a crown is recommended for larger areas of tooth damage, or, if the tooth has had root canal treatment.

Preventive Dental Care

We recommend that our patients see their dentist and hygienist every 3-6 months for an exam and dental cleaning. At this visit, your dentist will thoroughly examine your teeth and gums to check for early signs of tooth decay or gum disease. Visiting our office regularly helps us maintain your oral health; keeping your mouth disease-free is also good for your dental crowns.

care credit patient financing

Dental financing with CareCredit®

Our patients enjoy the flexibility of CareCredit® dental financing. With low-interest terms or extended options, CareCredit® is a great way to get the dentistry you need on a payment plan that fits your budget. Visit or Contact Us to learn more.*

(*subject to third party terms and credit approval)

Dental Care Center of Macon provides general, cosmetic and restorative dentistry for patients in Macon and in the Central Georgia community. If you are looking for a dentist near you, we invite you to Contact Us to schedule a New Patient Examination & Consultation. (478) 755-8366

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