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three dimensional x-ray imaging

3D Digital Dentistry
Our Macon multi-specialty dental practice utilizes Cone Beam Imaging Technology.

In dentistry, as in other health care fields, the ability to “see” skeletal structures, nerves and muscles is a major part of the diagnostic process. Our practice has integrated 3D radiographic imaging technology to assist our dentists in visualizing teeth, jaw bone and other anatomical landmarks of the head and neck.

3D Cone Beam Imaging is an exciting technology - in one visit, we are able to acquire comprehensive diagnostic images and discuss treatment options with you, all in the comfort of our own facility.

This type of imaging supports dentistry in a number of ways:

  • Dental Implant Restoration Planning - our dentists use 3D imaging tools to help them determine which areas of the jaw bone are suitable for implants. The planning software also gives our periodontist and oral surgeons the ability to use a guided surgery approach for dental implant placement.
  • Root Canals & Wisdom Teeth Extraction - the ability to “rotate” a tooth in 3D provides our endodontist (root canal specialist) and oral surgeons with additional measurement information as well as details about the shape and location of tooth roots. Having this information in advance of treatment helps your dentist and specialists plan for procedures.
  • Alternative to Intraoral X-rays - for patients that are unable to tolerate x-rays taken inside the mouth, cone beam imaging affords us the opportunity to take a comfortable image in just seconds and complete your dental examination.
  • Orthodontic Treatment - multiple views, along with standard views of teeth and facial structures provide our orthodontist with diagnostic information to help anticipate tooth movement and eruption in managing orthodontic treatment.
  • 3D Cone Beam Imaging integrates directly with Cerec® restorative technology. Cerec® CAD-CAM software works with a rendered 3D image of the dental implant to assist the dentist in designing a custom restoration to fit the implant and restore healthy function to your smile.

At Dental Care Center of Macon, we want to help you keep your smile looking and feeling great for a lifetime.

We are conveniently located at 3432 Mercer University Drive; please contact our friendly dental team to learn more about solutions for your dental needs.

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