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dental care for all ages

Family Dental Care
At Dental Care Center of Macon, our general dentists and dental specialists provide complete dental care for patients of all ages.

Dental care needs change as we mature. For children, our dental health focus is generally on developmental growth and orthodontic needs, as well as prevention of tooth decay.

For adults, in addition to looking for cavities, we monitor the teeth and gums closely for signs of periodontal disease, and evaluate any bite stress factors such as missing teeth or jaw clenching that may be resolved with dental implants or a nightguard.

Our team of talented professionals is always dedicated to creating a great experience for the entire family!

how to floss your teeth

At your dental hygiene visit, your dentist and hygienist will review preventive recommendations with you, including smile-healthy eating habits and brushing and flossing tips. This is especially important for children, we want to keep a close eye on baby teeth and permanent teeth in the developmental stages to help your child enjoy a healthy, pain-free smile as an adult. Dental x-rays help your dental team see underneath the gums and between the teeth to diagnose cavities or periodontal (gum) disease.

Whether you are in need of a dentist that accepts your insurance for family dental exams and cleanings, or you are in search of a dental specialist for a dental implant or root canal, we are happy to provide you with exceptional service and excellent care.

Are you and your family due for dental cleanings?

At Dental Care Center of Macon, our family-friendly dental office welcomes new patients and works with most major dental insurance plans. Contact Us today to schedule a great new patient dental experience in our privately-owned Macon dental office.

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