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Custom Partial & Complete Dentures at Dental Care Center

If you have multiple missing teeth, your dentist may recommend the use of a partial or complete denture as a replacement.

Partial dentures are removable appliances that provide tooth replacement when teeth have been lost due to disease or trauma. The partial denture is composed of a metal or acrylic base mounted with “false” replacement teeth. It may have clasps to attach to remaining natural teeth to hold it in place, or, it may be retained by attachments to dental implants that are anchored in the jaw bone.

Complete dentures are removable appliances that replace all of the teeth in an arch. In most cases, complete dentures are the last option considered. Keeping your natural teeth, whenever possible, is a better investment over a lifetime. On average, denture patients replace their dentures every 5-7 years due to changes in the jaw bone and soft tissue after extended wear.

all on four implant denture

Implant Supported Dentures

Dentures are often combined with dental implants to further improve biting and chewing capabilities.

An implant-supported denture is removable for cleaning, similar to traditional dentures. The difference, however, is that the implant denture is fitted with special fittings that “snap” onto multiple dental implants that have been placed in the jaw bone for stability and support. The dental implants hold the denture firmly in place, thus eliminating the need for denture adhesives. (Four implants are commonly used to secure a complete denture in a single arch).

On-Site Dental Laboratory

Should you require a partial or complete denture, our dentists and our on-site dental laboratory team work together with you to design your custom denture. Our custom dentures are fabricated with two goals in mind: 1) achieving function, for eating and chewing, and 2) detailed esthetics, for a natural-looking smile appearance.

Our restorative dentists will also evaluate your bone and tissue levels, along with your overall oral health to determine if you are a candidate for dental implants.

If you are in need of complete or partial dentures, we want you to know all of your options.

Contact Dental Care Center of Macon to schedule a New Patient Examination and Consultation. We would love to guide you through restorative treatments that can help your smile feel whole again.

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