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cerec dental crown three dimensional image and milling machine

Cerec® 1-Visit Crowns
3D Crown Technology at Dental Care Center of Macon

Technology today is changing our everyday lives. Technology innovations in dentistry are also reducing time spent in the dental chair, helping to maintain comfort and deliver extraordinary results.

Do you need a dental crown? If you have had crown procedures in the past, you know they usually require a series of dental impressions and multiple appointments. All that has changed with Cerec® 1-Visit Crowns.

Cerec® 3D technology provides our dentists with tools to design and create natural-looking crowns - in a single visit.

cerec digital impression and placement of a dental crown

How does Cerec® work?

Used by dentists worldwide for over three decades, Cerec® utilizes CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing) technology. After shaping the tooth for a crown, our dentists are able to use a special camera to scan the area and acquire a digital “impression”. Your crown is then designed and produced using 3D software and precision milling equipment - while you wait!

Cerec® technology integrates with our 3D imaging system to create a custom dental implant crown, so you don't have to worry about dealing with that space left by a missing tooth any more.

You leave our office with your permanent crown.

With Cerec®, there is no need for messy impressions, sticky temporaries or a second visit. If you have been putting off your dental crown, now is the time to take care of your smile without the hassle of multiple appointments. Contact Dental Care Center of Macon to learn more about Cerec® 1-Visit Crowns.

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